About Me

I work at home in the stunning mountains of Snowdonia where I live with my partner and 2 cats.

I left school in 2000 and did a GNVQ in Art and Design, where my final year project was jewellery mixed media, this included my first jewellery experience of using a forge and manipulating silver. I was accepted onto a Jewellery and Silversmithing degree at the University of Central Lancashire but my severe anxiety attacks prevented me from going.

Since then I have been working at home, building up my jewellery portfolio and doing various short courses in Silversmithing to help refine my skills and techniques . In 2007 I did a Certificate of Higher Education in Graphic Art and Liverpool John Moores University in the hope of extending my artistic portfolio, but craft (especially jewellery) seemed to take president and I continued to make pieces for friends and family and attend the odd craft fair.

In 2016 I did a small silversmithing course with Angela Evans (a very talented local Jewellery maker who owns Siop Iard in Caernarfon), and it was her expert tutor-age which made me believe I was capable of making and selling silver jewellery pieces!

Since then I have attended more craft fairs with my silver handmade jewellery, and have set up an Etsy shop. Christmas 2018 saw me set up my first display in a local art gallery shop and list some of my work on Etsy! The response has been so positive that I feel much more confident in my craft, and when I’m working and making beautiful pieces it feels like this is me!

Stone setting course with Angela Evans in May 2019

What People Say

“I love it, it’s so me!”

Happy Customer

“Ceri is incredibly talented and each piece is unique”

Another Happy Customer

“Good service, very approachable and adaptable”

Yet another happy customer

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