Jewellery Repairs

If you have a piece of Jewellery that needs repairing please contact me and I will assess what needs doing and give you a quote.

Prices start at £15 and range from a simple clean and polish to a re-model. It also depends on the metal being used, obviously the more valuable the piece and fiddly the job the more it’ll be, but I will always try and maintain a fair price.

Below are some examples of repair jobs I have done to date

Example Repairs

Clean and polish…

This beautiful pair of Sterling Silver studs had bent posts, no fastenings and needed a really good clean! I wish I’d taken a before picture of these but the finished result was a shiny pair of earrings, just like new!

Fixing a break…

This delicate Clogau Gold locket had come off it’s chain as the connector had broken. I managed to solder a new one on and added an extra jump ring for security. I even had time to replace the little photo insert backing material and Perspex holder, before giving a really good clean and polish!

Re-making a classic…

This was a ring for one of my best-est friends who mad about opals. She had a three stone band ring with tiny blue stones in and had asked me to replace a stone that had fallen out. Upon further inspection the ring was bent pretty bad and had lot of cracks all up the shank (main body of he ring) so I decided to just make another one using the original stones and some new one. She was so made up, she never takes it off!

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